creepy twin (faerionette) wrote in dry_sugar,
creepy twin

CD Single For Sale!

I am in need of money!

So I am selling my Sugar "Mental Sketch Modified" CD.

It's only been listened to a couple times and is in excellent condition. If you absolutely need a picture of it, let me know, but I figured it's self-explanatory. ^^

I'm asking $15 for it, shipping included within the United States and Canada. If you live outside the United States and Canada, please ask about shipping costs before you decide to possibly buy.

Payment: By PAYPAL is greatly prefered. I need this money within a week so this is the best method for me. If you need to send cash or a money order, you will need to have it in the mail very soon. But again, I'd rather receive payment through PAYPAL.

Feel free to ask any questions here. Thank you so much!
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